Rosti is as much about home-made Italian delicacies as it is about the joy of appreciating life’s small pleasure, like treating yourself to a quick bite while strolling in the sunshine.

That is why Andrea and Christian, Rosti‘s owners – who opened their first Italian restaurant Pastai in 2018 – dedicated the name of their takeaway place to one of the most cherished culinary traditions from the South of Italy, that of Rosticceria. Typically, the so-called ‘Pezzi di Rosticceria’ (rosticceria bites) include freshly prepared fried or baked food to be enjoyed quickly on the street or at home with friends.

The most popular Southern Italian Rosticceria foods figure in Rosti’s menu in a renovated formula that brings together the traditional comfort food of many Italian regions, beyond Sicily and Puglia. For instance, next to Apulian Panzerotti, Rosti’s menu offers freshly made Gnocco Fritto from Emilia Romagna as well as Taleggio Speck and Porchetta from Lazio.

The menu is divided in three sections:

Sfizi (literally translated as treats) include freshly made bites which are fried or baked à la minute, such as Arancina and Rustico Leccese; Focacce – prepared with up to 36 hours of rising time –including several tasty variations, from classic Burrata and Pistacchia to Focaccia Barese; and two Desserts – the famous Tiramisù as well as the very local Pasticciotto, one of the main symbols of the Apulian city of Lecce.

Each ‘Pezzo di Rosticceria’ is crafted with a simple idea in mind: food should be a moment of simple, pure happiness. Whether you’re on your way to the park, dating your favorite person, enjoying a Sunday walk or want to treat yourself to a quick yet first-class bite, Rosti has Italian strolling food and to-go drinks that will make every occasion a bit more special.

To this purpose, Rosti has also a dedicated food boutique featuring premium Italian delicacies, which will make the perfect gift for your loved ones or for yourself. From homemade pasta and tomato sauce, to chutney, friselline, fresh truffles and balsamic vinegar, Rosti’s shelves are full to the brim with local Italian gems that bring everyone together.

Come find us everyday from 11am to 6pm in the lively Jan Pieter Heijestraat and fall in love at first bite.